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For our customers only the best is good enough! That is why we attach the highest importance to the safety and protection of your data.

State-of-the-art and redundant infrastructure

Our Data Center

For our customers only the best is good enough! That is why we attach the highest importance to the safety and protection of your data. Our servers are located in the InterXion data center in Zurich.

The data center provides an excellent infrastructure with the latest level of technology and is one of the most secure data centers in Switzerland.

Even Swiss banks entrust InterXion with their data, because it meets ,with its standards and certification, the strict requirements of FINMA Circular 08/07 (Outsourcing Banking).

Data center, Network, Backup


Network Topology

In order to meet their own high standards, NOVATREND operates its own, fully redundant, network with the AS number 35206.

The Internet connection is via two global and powerful upstream providers who automatically determine the most optimal and fastest way to route your traffic.

If a router fails, the second takes over all connections.

Thus the accessibility of the NOVATREND server infrastructure is guaranteed at all times.

Even in case of problems with one of the two upstream providers, all your traffic will function optimally and without interruption.

Backup located in second data center

We store all server data daily on our storage systems, which are located in a second data center. Depending on the server product, your data is stored for at least seven days and up to several months. At your request we can restore individual files, directories or entire databases.

In the unlikely event that the server hardware can no longer be read (all disks from the RAID system), we are still able to restore the entire server incl. operating system and all settings within the shortest time, on a spare server.

Entrust us with your data


Location Switzerland

We operate our server and network infrastructure in the high-security data center InterXion, Zurich

Bank Certificate

The InterXion Data Center is ISO27001 certified and complies with the guidelines of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

SSL Certificate for all

An SSL certificate can be installed with a few mouse clicks in your cPanel, allowing Web data to be encrypted before transmission.

Daily offsite backups

All customer data is backed up daily to our central storage system, within a second Datacenter.

2-way Authentication

The Customer Centre can be protected with 2-way Authentication, YubiKey or Google Authenticator.

Virus & Trojan Horse scanner

The scanner filters all viruses and Trojans from emails and FTP uploads in a quarantine area and thus protects your data.

Web Application Firewall

Our web application firewall filters URL views which contain malicious code, preventing unauthorized intrusion into data files.

Spamfilter (In / Out)

All incoming and outgoing emails are filtered through our powerful SPAM protection.
Questions, answers and instructions

We support you!

Many answers to your questions can be found directly in our support area.