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You need a powerful server for your web application? Choose between a virtual and a dedicated server. Both versions offer full power.

Your personal webserver


By request, we will configure the server according to your needs and are happy to take over its maintenance. Thus, you always have the latest software and all the security patches.

Cloud Server
CHF 25.‐ per month
Virtualized Cloud Server
  • 50 GB Webspace ?
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1 vCPU ?
  • Operating system CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Debian
  • Server unmanaged
  • 7 days backup

Virtual root-server: A flexible, configurable root server with the operating system of your choice.

This offer is appropriate for Linux administrators, who want to operate their applications using the Novatrend server infrastructure.

cPanel Server
CHF 65.- per month
Virtualized cPanel Server
  • 100 GB Webspace ?
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 vCPU ?
  • Betriebssystem CloudLinux & cPanel
  • Servermanagment optional
  • Backup optional

Virtual cPanel server: This pre-configured web server comes with the cPanel control panel software and numerous additional software, enabling safe operation of websites.

This offer is ideal for web agencies and web designers.

Dedicated Server
from CHF 497.‐ per month
Dedicated Server
  • 4 x 960 GB SSD - RAID 10
  • 64 GB RAM - 4 x 16GB DDR4
  • 10 Cores - Intel Xeon Silver 4114 ?
  • Operation system CloudLinux (optional)
  • 24x7 hardware monitoring
  • Backup optional

Dedicated hardware: Individually configurable server hardware with the latest Intel processors. This offer is suitable for all, who require high server performance and don't want to share hardware with other customers.

Powerful cloud servers based on Linux-KVM

Linux-KVM Cloud Server

Powerful cloud servers based on Linux-KVM, individual and complete setup and control at any time via the control panel. Our modern network designed for professional use ensures the availability of your server. A daily backup is included with all servers, and is stored for 7 days, at no additional cost. We support you with the server selection as well as its configuration.


Unmanaged Linux-KVM Cloud Server

Deployed in generally less than 24 hours.

Individual configuration and upgrades possible. VPS-U2 is recommended for most smaller applications.


vCPURAMSSDPrice / Month
2 GB
50 GB
25 CHF
4 GB
100 GB
45 CHF
8 GB
200 GB
90 CHF
8 GB
400 GB
100 CHF
12 GB
400 GB
130 CHF
16 GB
600 GB
170 CHF
  • Location

    Zürich, Schweiz. AS35206. Looking Glass.

  • Bandwidth
    1 Gbit/s Fair Use Unmetered. Premium Bandwidth on request.
  • Payment
    Bank-transfer (QR-Rechnung, SEPA, SWIFT, eBill), Creditcard, Twint, Postfinance.
  • Contract term
    The minimum contract term is 6 months.
Fully virtualised. SSD Cloud Server (VPS) based on Linux-KVM/Qemu


Vollvirtualisiert - SSD Cloud Server (VPS)

A dedicated resource profile is critical for stable performance. Our virtualization servers feature up-to-date server hardware components, SSDs and a redundant power supply. To ensure resilience, the storage is configured with a Raid level 10. We continuously keep our infrastructure up to date.

Swiss server location

In the InterXion Datacenter in Zurich.

Dedizierte IP-Adresse

Dedicated IP address

IPv4 and IPv6.


DDOS Protection

Covering the whole Novatrend network.

Tägliches Backup

Daily Backup

Stored for 7 days in a separate datacenter.

Control panel

In addition to the familiar root access via SSH, Novatrend offers a control panel for system administration, an important tool for efficient self-service. This can be used to start and stop the server, perform a reinstallation and access the console. During installation, ISOs of various Linux and BSD operating systems can be selected. These include AlmaLinux, Debian, Fedora, Trisquel GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and others in their respective latest versions.

Automated Backup

A daily automated backup can be configured. It covers the whole server. We rely on Acronis as the software solution. The backup is stored in a second Swiss data center for 7 days. We rely on our own infrastructure for this. The setup and monitoring of the backup is done by Novatrend.

Redundant and secure Connection to the Internet

The network operated by Novatrend (AS35206) is powered by several carefully selected upstreams and connection to an external DDOS protection service. The virtualization servers themselves are connected to the Novatrend network with 10 Gigabit Ethernet in order to be able to fall back on sufficient reserves on different workloads. Future-proof availability is provided via IPv4 and IPv6.

Novatrend Support

We are known for our excellent support. Even when running your own server, our support is always available in case you have questions. We can also help to find the right server and give tips for configuration. Individual configurations and custom work are also possible. Through many years of experience and a good partner network, we offer support over a wide range of software.

Whether it is a web server, mail server, VPN (IPsec, Wireguard, SSTP, OpenVPN), real-time communication (Matrix/Element, XMPP, Jitsi, VoIP), infrastructure monitoring, file management (Nextcloud, Teedy), password management (Bitwarden), our support is available and and can help to find and configure the right server. Our comprehensive guides and the Novatrend blog accompany the installation and configuration of operating systems and software.

Questions, answers and instructions

We support you!

Many answers to your questions can be found directly in our support area.